The Institute has made significant achievement through the release of 14 cowpea varieties, 24 groundnut varieties, 4 sunflower varieties, 44 sorghum varieties, 31 maize varieties, annually; developed well equipped laboratory and confinement and containement and containment facilities for biotechnology research, completed efficacy trial on Bt cowpea, developed protocols for micropropagation of pineapple and sugarcane, mapped population for qualitative trait loci for Fe and Zn in cowpea; developed various food products and composite from sorghum, maize, cowpea, groundnut, and local vegetable drinks such as Zobo (roselle) concentrate and tigernut (Aya) drinks; developed many prototype machineries on production and post - harvest agricultural activities trained youths from various parts of the country on modern farming techniques; developed recommenadations agronomy, soil science , crop protection and socio - economics of production for all IAR mandate crops.


Developed recommendation for irrigation scheduling quantities of water, irrigation methods, water requirements of all major irrigated crops in Nigeria and protocols for amelioration of irrigated problems; produced the popular Samaru journals of Agricultural Research and other publications such as extension bulletins on our mandate crops regularly; maintained good collaboration with local and international research partners resulting in several MOUs on third party research funding to the institute.


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