Agricultural Research Station Kano State

Officer_incharge Kano Station

Name: Mal. H. J. Jantar
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The ARS Kano is an out-station of the Institute for Agricultural Research,Samaru - Zaria located at Tarauni, Kano in Kano state. The station had its research farm close by but with the gradual expansion of residential areas in the Kano city, the Kano State government converted the farmland to residential plots. In lieu of the conversion, about 100 hectares farmland close to Wasai dam in Minjibir LGA, some 39km away from Kano was allocated to the station to carry out its research activities.

The station currently hosts various International agricultural organizations like the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Kano Outstation, the country Head Office of International Cereal Research Institute for Semi - Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and the International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC) field office.

On advent of IITA 40% or 40 hectares of the station research was allocated to them to carry out their research activities.

The research activities of the station are being supervised by the Officer - in Charge, the station scietists and technical fields staff.


i. Research work on agronomic practices, breeding and soil management on all IAR mandate crops under irrigation.

ii. Research by scientist from the Institute and the station, fields practicals by undergraduates and post - graduates students of Ahmadu Bello University, Bayero University and store Produce Institute and other tertiary/research institutions.

iii. Seed multiplication of IAR mandate crops under rain fed and irrigation.

iv. Demonstrations trials and farm walk for farmers on various agronomics practices, farming system and soil management practices under rainfed condition.

v. Collaborative research with other research bodies, universities and NGO's on special research / multiplication projects on irrigated crops production.

vi. Metrological data collections using state of the art electronic weather stations at Kano Office and farm site, Wasai Minjibir.


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