Agricultural Mechanization Research Programme

Head Agricultural Mechanization Research Programme

Name: Engr. Mohammed Abubakar
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Agricultural Mechanization Research Programme

The Programme has as its broad objective the development and evaluation of appropriate technologies for production and post-harvest operations of Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR) mandate crops in North West Agro-Ecological Zone. The programme has three Sub - Programmes to achieve its broad, namely Machinery/Techniques Evaluation, Machinery/Technique Development and Machinery Management.

The specific objectives of the Prgramme are:

i. Machinery/Technique Evaluation:

we undertake evaluation of agricultural equipment developed in Nigeria or imported and make recommendations on their suitability or otherwise in the ecological area under focus.

ii. Machinery/Technique Development:

The following research activities are carried out under this objective:

a. Design, fabricate and evaluate new machines and equipment suitable for Nigerian farmers with emphasis on small and medium scale farmers’ needs.

b. Identify and modify existing commercial equipment to suit local needs and conditions.

c. Develop equipment for harnessing alternative sources of energy.

iii. Machinery Management.

In Machinery Management, we engage in survey of existing management practices on farm equipment, and equally research into optimising machinery management.

Achievements recorded over the years include:

a. Development and perfection Prototype Maize Dehusker Sheller (Lot of interest and patronage have been shown by farmer and processors).

b. Development of energy - efficient Vegetables Tomato Forced Convention Solar Dryer ( demonstration of life - size at Konan Gofan, Kano a lot of interest has been shown by farmers and other users).

c. Successful design and construction of Prototype machine for Millet and Soybeans Threshing (undergoing extensive evaluation and modification).

d. Successful design and construction of Prototype machine for Sorghum Threshing (undergoing extensive evaluation and modification).

e. Successful design and construction of Prototype machine fo Ridge Planting of Cereals (undergoing extensive evaluation and modification).

f. Technical advice to small, medium and large scale farmers on management techniques for optimum use of farm farm machinery and equioment.

g. Some income generation from fabrication of Prototype Equipment/Machines.

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