Current and past Assistant Directors Research

Assistant Director Research

Name: Prof. Boniface David Kashina
email address: /

The Assitant Director Research of the Institute shall be responsible for assisting the Directorate in all matters pertaining to Crop Research and Research Administration.

Particularly, the officer shall be responsible for:-

Assiting the Directorate in Research and Administration.


Co-coordinating and Monitoring all Approved Research Activities being executed by Programmes leaders, and Research teams.


Preparation(drafting) of Annual Research Programmes.


Supervision of Collection and Documentation of Research Achievements.


Liaising with Programmes leaders etc in Determining and Acquiring Appropriate Research Equipment and Facilities.


Liasing with Programmes leaders in preparing Annual Research Budget.


Any other duties Assigned by the Executive Director or the Deputy Director.


Past Assistant Directors Research Year
Prof. E. B. Amans 2011 - 2012
Prof. D. A. Aba 2013 - 2016
Prof. B.D. Kashina 2016 - todate



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