Castor Sub - Programme

    Castor has been added to the IAR manadate crops because of its uses as high quality lubricant in jet engines, in pharmaceutical industries and preparation of local dishes, particularly in south eastern part of the country where it is used as a condiment for local cusines. Through introduction and collection, IAR has gathered more than 30 accessions which have potentials for high seed and oil yields. These are IARCAS-1 to IARCAS-30 which are being evaluated on station and farmers' fields. Some farmers in Lokoja in Kogi state, Gahare in Kaduna state, Tiga in Kano state and Talata Mafara have tried to grow the crop with some degree of success. The problem is that none of them known what to do with the crop after harvesting. There is need to sensitize farmers on both production and marketing of their produce. There are no local industries that utilize castor as raw material. Farmers, therefore, need to be linked to an outlet to dispose their produce.



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