Cotton Research Programme

Head Cotton Research

Name: Dr. Yahaya Abdullahi
email address:


The Cotton Research Programme is one of the various research programmes of the Institute for Agricultural Research. The Programme has sub - projects on cotton, kernaf and roselle. The programme conducts researches an improve cotton yield and quality as well as develop production packages for the various production zones.

Objective of the Cotton Research Programme are as follows:

1. To develop high - yielding cotton varities or lines that would have improved resistance to major pests and diseases and with a spinning quality that is acceptable to the Nigerian Textile Industries.

2. To develop and update packages of optimal cultural and management practices which are suitable for both the small and large - sale production sysytems for fibre crops under the improved technologys.

3. To evolve suitable, economically - sound disease and pest control strategies in order to enhance production of fibre crops.

4. To identify and select for lint and fibre properties that would produce the best possible spinning and weaving in accordance with the specific needs of the Nigerian Textile Manufacturing industries.

4. Production of breeder seeds for the various cotton growing zones.


i. Developed thirteen varieties of cotton (SAMCOT 1-13) . These varieties have various characteristics that serve the cotton growing belt of Nigeria.

ii. Samcot 8,9, and 10 developed by the programme are suitable for low rainfall and higher temperatures conditions of the dry Savanna ecologies.

ii. The programme has been part of the Ministerial Cotton Transformation Project Implementation Committee and is given the responsibility of Supplying Breeder Seed and part of foundation seed to seed companies and subsequent distribution to farmers in the various production zones.

iv. Various Technologies were developed by the programme and recommended practices foe cotton production were released for farmers in the cotton growing zones.



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