Cowpea Sub - Programme

    The activities of the cowpea sub-programme are:

    a. Activities include germplasm collection, introduction, perservation and maintenance.

    b. Screening.

    c. Hybridisation and selection.

    c. Varietal testing and maintenance.

    c. Production, multiplication and breeder seed.

    The unit has developed and released 14 cowpea varieties, SAMPEA 1-14 and two new varieties are to be released soon. Agronomy work had determined optimum population, time of planting and fertilizer requirement for the new varieties. Cowpea is susceptible to various pests and diseases and scientists have developed strategies for controlling these pests using both conventional and intergrated control methods. Research work continues. There is also cowpea maximum yield plots to show case the improvement in cowpea production using IAR recommended packages.



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