Current and Past Executive Directors

Prof. I. U. Abubakar

Executive Director's IAR

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The Executive Director is the academic and administrative head of the Institute for Agricultural Research responsible to, on the one hand, the Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University and through him to the Executive Secretary of Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria and Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources through the Governing Board for the conduct of the Institute.

Specificially,The Institute Director has direct responsibility for:.

Overall policy and and direction of the institute, include all research,administrative,management and other matters relating to the council of the University,the Professional and Academic Board of the Institute,the Board of Governors and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources.


Solicitation for funds for implementation of Institute's programmes and activities.


Final estimates and budget through Board of Governors to the Agricultural Council of Nigeria.


Final recommendation (in the case of all Institute Senior Staff) and (final approval in the case of all junior staff) on recruitment, promotion and discipline .


Appointment of research Programme Leaders,Head of Agricultural Extension Service,Special Project Coordinators and Officer-in Charge of the Institute's sub-stations in consultation with Vice Chancellor.


Overall superviesion and coordination of duties of Heads of Department (in liason with Deans of Agriculture and Engineering as appropriate), research Programme leaders, Head of Agricultural Extension Services,Seed Production Coordinator, General Manager of IAR Integrated Links Ltd, and officers in-charge of sub-stations.


Any other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Vice Chancellor.


Past Executive Directors and Directors of the Institute Years
Prof. Harry S. Darling (Director) 1962 - 1968
Dr. Mathew Dagg (Director) 1968 - 1976
Prof. Ango Abdullahi (Director) 1976 - 1979
Mr. John H. Davies (Director) 1980 - 1986
Prof. J.Y. Yayock (Director) 1986 - 1992
Prof. L. B. Olugbemi (Director) 1992 - 1996
Prof. Jacob P. Voh (Director) 1996 - 2002
Dr. Stephen M. Misari (Director) 2002 - 2004
Prof. Shehu G. Ado (Director) 2004 - 2008
Prof. Balarabe Tanimu (Director) 2008 - 2012
Prof. Ahmed M. Falaki (Executive Director) 2012 - 2015
Prof. Muhammed F. Ishiyaku (Executive Director) 2015 - 2015
Prof. I. U. Abubakar (Executive Director) 2015 - to-date



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