Farming System Research Programme

Head Farming Systems Research

Name: Dr. Aisha Abdulkadir
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The Farming Systems Research Programme of the Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR) focuses on identification of farming constraints analysis of farming systems and the developmenting/testing of appropriate technologies for IAR mandate crops by IAR Scientists and/or in collaboration with relevant organizations to the benefit of end users of IAR's research results. The programme seeks to capture actual farmer circumstances and situations into research process as a means of ensuring mass adoption of new agricultural technologies and also to provide government with policy options concerning appropriate institutional support to rapid agricultural developmet of the country. The programme strives to improve agricultural production and income through relevant researches to mitigate farm constraints in north - western Nigeria.

Main objectives of the programme are:

i. Understand the farmer and his farm environment ( including the soil and weather conditions) as a system of inter - dependent components involving both technical and socio - economic considerations.

ii. Permit the entire of research, including the identification of farming constraints ( including soil, weather conditions and livestock interactions). the analysis of farming systems and the development of appropriate technologies for IAR mandated crops and their testing, to be carried out by interdisciplinary teams of IAR scientiests or in collaboartion with scientists from other organization.



i. A number of soil surveys have been conducted. These surveys were aimed at classifying, describing and mapping the soils of the Savannah zone of Nigeria at reconnaissance level in oreder to provide the much - needed information for proper land use planning.

ii. The Programme is developing a range of improved technology packages both for mixed and sole cropping systems that would successfully remove identified farming constraints in northern Nigeria

ii. The programme is conducting research to evaluate promising crop production strategies at the farm level and under farmer conditions and circumstances. Particular attention is being paid to these strategies and improvements in technologies, which may be useful in removing real and identified farm constraints.

iv. The programme continues to evaluate promising Conservation Agriculture, Water conservation and land use management strategies to mitigate effects of climate change, conserve soil and moisture to ensure healthy environment for sustainable Agriculture production and farmer livelihood improvement.

v. A number of on-farm and on-station research are being conducted to demonstrate the importance of fertilizer in the attainment of self-sufficiency in food production in the country while at the same time identifying fertilizer sources and cultural practices that tend to degrade the soils and suggesting ways of avoiding these negative effects.

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