Current Finance Officer

Finance Officer

Name: S.T. Kwaya
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The Finance Officer of the Institute for Agricultural Research, as the representative of the Bursar of the Ahmadu Bello University, is responsible for assisting the Director in the overall financial management of the Institute.


Specificially,The Finance Officer is directly charged with the following for:.

Overall supervision and co-ordination of the duties and operation of all staff in Central Stores which unit, together with the office of the Finance Officer constitute the Account section of the Institute.


Preparation of the Institute's yearly and quinquennial estimates and budget,in liason with secretary, for tabling to the Director of the Institute.


Pursuance and collection of subvention, allocations and grants and all other forms of payment due to the Institute.


Control of the Institute's expenditures and store and involvement in all approved purchases and sales.


Preparation of monthly financial report for the Central Administration of the University, quartely returns to A.R.C.N. and final accounts for audit at the end of each financial year.


Maintenance of up-to-date records and documentation of all financial and store transactions throughtout the Institute in accordance with the approved accounting instructions in force in the University.


Processing and payment of Institute's staff wages, pension gratuities, approved claims, loans, advances, and other liabilities as may be authorized by the Institute Director.


Any other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Director or Bursar through the Director of the Institute.



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