Current Internal Auditor

Internal Auditor

Name: Mr. Okoro Godfrey-->
email address: 08062219595

Responsibilities of Audit Programme

a. Audit all other charges, payment vouchers, junior and senior salary vouchers taking into consideration, all variations that may arise from time to time. Issue query where necessary.

b. Carry out comprehensive audit procedures, relevant for the audit of the administration.

c. Auditing financial statement requirements, improved efficiencies and compliance.

d. Ensure controls established are strickly adhered to and in line with the objectives of good financial management.

e. Ensure consistent compliance with laid down limits of authority.

f. Checking of claims and advances, enormous retirements, arising from the advances given to staff.

g. Ensuring complete and timely retirement of advances.

h. Verification of prices, stores including physical survey with copy of purchase order.

i. Verification of office equipment, furniture in various departments, liabilities, the commitment ledger/order and the outstanding LPO and invoices.

j. Checking all outstation's returns.

k. Check and ensure that relevant procedures are followed for procurements.

l. Quartely reports of all observations as and when due.

m. Any other duties that may be assigned to me by the Executive Director.


Other Duties Assigned by Audit Programme.


A. Prepayment Audit.
  1. Checking of pay roll, to ensure all staff are paid correctly.
  2. Checking of Advances to Staff.
  3. Checking of payment of claims to staff.
  4. Checking payment of invoices and documentation.


B. Stock Verification Audit.
  1. Checking the quantity. Quality and price of all stock purchased for the Institute.
  2. Conducting market survey of Institute's needs.
  3. Inspection of capiatl project to ensure value for money.


C. Investigation Audit.
  1. Department investigation.
  2. Checking all the revenue centres at intervals.
  3. Cash counts periodically.
  4. Ensure compliance with internal control and general financial rules and regulation.


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