Irrigation Research Programme

Head Irrigation Research

Name: Prof. Henry E. Igbadun
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lrrigation added a very new dimension to the agricultural set up of the northern part of country. It was attended with a horde of questions from the selection of crops, their production, protection and marketing to how much and how best to use water crops, their production. Recongnizing the need to find answers locally to questions posed by irrigation, the Board of Governors of the Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR) decided to establish Irrigation Research Programme in 1972 and mandated the programme to conduct research on all aspects of Irrigation. Irrigation Research Stations wre then established at Ngala in South Chad Irrigation Project area, Kadawa in Kano River Project and Bakura in Sokoto Rima River Basin were established in 1975 and 1977.

Irrigation Research Programme is mandated to promote irrigation through research focusing on judicious utilization of water and efficient management of the soil, crop and environment for ensuring food security in Nigeria.

The specific objectives of the programme are:

1. To identify appropriate techniques for water resources development and management such as water storage, conveyance system, application methods, and drainage for effici ent use of water in agriculture.

2. To develop suitable methodology for efficient management of soil-water crop environment for suitained crop production including scheduling identification and development of suitable cropping system, irrigated soil management, fertilizer, use, and socio - economic analysis of various aspects of irrigated agriculture.

3. To develop suitable preventive and curative measures for environmental hazards such as soil salinity, water logging, weed, insects and environmental pollution, associated with faulty irrigation systems.



i. Development of irrigation schedulling techniques of various dry season crops based on different approaches viz: fixed time intervals, growth stages, soil moisture regime, cummulative pan evapotranspiration, modelling.

ii. Determination of water requirement of some crops through application of models and field measurements of crop co - efficient (Kc).

iii. Research breakthroughs were made in the area of insect pest, diseases and weed control under irrigated agriculture.

iv. Crop responses to various mineral and organic fertilizer in irriagted lands were established.

v. Soil management techniques for control of salt build-up (salinity and sodicity) and reclamation and other forms of soil degradation were established.

vi. Recently, the Programme validated newly introduced Motorcycle pump for discharges, fuel consumption, pump efficiency and throw radius through 16 sprinkler nozzles at various motorcycle speed, i.e revolution per minute (RPM) and was found to have high performance.

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