Irrigation Research Kadawa Station Kano State

Officer_incharge Kadawa Station

Name: Dr. Y. Hussaini
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The Irriagtion Research Station, Kadawa was established in 1974 located in the Sudan Savanna Ecology and is one of the four outstations of the Institute (IAR). It was established with the sole aim of improving irrigated agriculture in the region. Crops involved in the dry season include: horticultural crop (tomato, onion, garlic, pepper, water melon, carrots, garden egg etc), cereals (sweet corn, maize, sorghum, wheat etc) and legumes (cowpea, soybean, millet and groundnut etc). Recently dry season rice production have been introduced for trial for rice seed production research at Kadawa. However, in the rainy season, only rice trials and seed multiplication in the farms.

Research activities

Land use: In the year 2015, a good number of trials were conducted during the dry season that involves crops such as wheat, tomatoes, soybeans, pepper, maize, rice, sorghum and water melon Artemisia cowpea and sugarcane. Very few experinment were carried out during the wet season.

Research work on agronomic practices, breeding and soil management on all IAR mandate crops.

Research / field practicals by undergraduates and post - graduates students of Ahmadu Bello University and other tertiary / research institutes.

Seed multiplication of IAR mandate crops and other crops.

Demonstration trials and farm walk for farmer on various agronomics practices, farming systems and soil management practices under irrigation.

Collaborative research with other research bodies, Unversities and NGO's on special research / multiplication projects on irrigated crops productions.

Metrological data collections.


The station had been up and doing in the discharge of its activities in 2015 irrigation season Lake Chad Research Institute had their field day at the station farm, presenting the work carried out by the station.

All experinments brought by scientist and students as well as the institutes collaborators were successfully established and well managed.


The main problem facing now is the payment of water charges imposed upon us by the management of Hadejia Jama'are River Basin Development.

Problem of insect pests/salinity in our fields: The station had experience pest attack on vegetable and some spotted signs of salinity problem, some steps had been taken to ameliorate the problem.


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