Legumes and Oil Seeds Research Programme

Head Legumes and oil Seeds

Name: Dr. Muhammed Lawan Umar
email address: mlumar@abu.edu.ng


The legumes and oilseeds Programme's research through breeding, agronomy, Crop protection, Mechanization and socio - economics studies. The crops under the programme are (groundnut, sunflower, cowpea, castor and jatropha) . Each of these crops constitute a sub-programme and research activities are conducted in multidisciplinary fashion. The focus are on variety improvement, Cultural practices, Crop protection, Soil and environmental studies, Post-harvest technology and Socio-economics of production.

Objective of programme:

1. Production of acceptable, high - yielding breeding lines and varieties with resistance to major biotic and abiotic constraints (drought, pests, disease etc) militating against the attainment of the genetic potentials of the above legume and oilseed crops.

2. To develop efficient and prudent cultural and management practices via understanding of nutritional, physiological and agronomic factors affecting the production of legumes and oilseed crops.

3. To ensure cost efficient and labor saving, mechanical and chemical techniques and facilities for production of legumes and oilseeds.

4. Seek to devise more effective, intergrated pest and disease management strategies for improved production of legumes and oilseeds.

5. Research into the post - harvest technology of the legumes and oilseed crop.

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