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Name : Mrs. Adedokun Aderunke

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The Institute for Agricultural Research Library (IAR) Samaru, Zaria is old as the Institute itself which was established in 1924 as the research division of the Department of Agriculture for the then Norhern provices of Nigeria. It was formally tranferred by law of the newly established Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) on october 14,1962. The Agriculture Library serves the Institute for Agricultural Research and the Faculty of Agriculture , Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria as a documentation and information service delivery unit. It is a responsibility for Agricultural resource collections to aid teaching, learning, research, leisure and facilitate the mandate of the Institution for Agricultural Research. Resource available in the library include books, microfilms, thesis, projects, dissertations, pamphilets, annual reports as well as indexes, abstracts and electronic journals, internet services for Data bases which and suitable to by the University to fulfill the mandate of the Institute as stipulated by the Federal Government of Nigeria.


The library is a vibrant, active and welcoming place, and one that strives to


Institute for Agricultural Research library , Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria is a global organization that advances learning, research and scholarship inquiry in an environment dedicated to the open exchange of information by:

The Institute libary is divided into units

1. Technical Services.

2. Customer Services Division.

3. Media Resources (non - print) Division.

4. Administration Division.

5. References and Information Services Division.

6. Serial Services Division.

7. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division,



We have installed the server and the wireless services with only one Computer System for students use. The library sitting capacity is 120 students at a time with modern reading tables and chairs.

Because of the facilities the library students are being sent from faculty of education and Institute of education for Industrial Attachment.

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