Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

Head Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

Name: Prof. A. A. Muhammed
email address:


The Monitoring and Evaluation ( M & E ) are integrated tools for monitoring and assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of investments epecially in agricultural research. Monitoring and evaluation are separate but closely connected activities. Monitoring is a continuing activity that involves the collection of data on a regular, ongoing basis in order to track inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact while the project or programme is being executed. When data is collected on specified indicator, it provides management and the main stakeholders of an ongoing development intervention with indications of the extent of progress and achievement objectives and progress in the use of allocated funds,

Evaluation is carried out at distict and discreet moments of time to determine the worth significance of a development activity project or programme. It measures achievements relation to institutional policies. It focuses on institutional effectiveness in generating outputs and assesses the impact that those outputs make towards the broader.

Presently, the Institute management has re aligned and merged with the M & E unit namely;

1. Data processing unit.

2. Meteorological unit.

3. States experinment unit.

Mandate M & E

The M & E unit was established to develop and make operational an effective and efficient monitoring and evalauation system for enhancing the generation and promotion of agricultural knowledge, information and technologies that respond to client's demands and opportunities.

Objective M & E

a. To develop and operationalize effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation system for enhancing generation and promotion of agricultural knowledge, information technologies that respond t o clients demands and opportunities.

b. Develop and operationalize effective and efficient institutional monitoring system.

c. To monitor and periodically evaluate IAR activities on the ground, assess document and report impact on stakeholders.

d. To effectively and efficiently collect and use baseline data and information.

e. To access and identify target beneficiaries and partners needs.

f. To identify, document and share good practices and lessons from the institutes activity projects and investments.



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