As the replica of the University Administrative system, the Institute maintained a committee-based system in discharging most research and administrative activities. Currently the underlisted committees that are either statutory, standing or ad-hoc performed.

i. Board of Governors.

ii. Committee of Principal Board.

iii. Professional and Academic Board.

iv. Annual Research Review Committee.

v. Procurement Planning Committee.

vi. Tender Board.

vii. Pension Board of Trustees.

viii. Management Standing Committee.

ix. Appointment and Promotion Committee.

x. Junior Staff Promotion Committee.

xi. Standing Training Committee.

xii. Minor Works Committee.

xiii. Sports Committee.

xiv. Staff Welfare Committee.

xv. Committee on Sanitation and Landscaping.

xvi. Anti-Corruption Transparency Unit Committee.

xvii. Board of IAR Integrated Links Limited.



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