Seed Production Unit

Head Seed Production Unit

Name: Dr. Usman Alhassan
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The Seed Production Unit of the Institute for Agricultural Research Ahmadu Bello University Zaria is one of the service units of the institute which came on board way back in the 80's with the aim of providing researchers and scientists of the institute and others with pure seeds of crops released by the Institute. Over the years the activities of the unit have improved tremendously through the intervention of National Agricultural Research Project (NARP) between 1996 and 1999 coupled with the continued attention the unit has received afterwards. The unit focuses on the production of foundation seeds of the Institute's mandate crops (maize, sorghum, cowpea, groundnut, cotton, sunflower among others).

Responsibilities of the Seed Production Unit

1. Production of breeder and foundation and certified seeds of IAR released and recommended varities of maize, sorghum, groundnut, cowpea, cotton, and sunflower. This, it does to meet seed request of Researchers, National Agricultural Seed Council, Private Seed Companies, Agricultural Development Projects, farmers, and farmer groups.

2. The unit works with breeders within the Institute and staff of National Agricultural Seed Council to ensure that required Procedures/Practices for good quality seed are observed for the multiplication of seeds of the Institute's mandate crops.

3. The unit serves also as a regional germplasm conservation center for the Institute's mandate crops and other plant genetic resources of the North - West geopolotical zone of Nigeria.



i. Expansion of foundation seeds production for most of our mandate crops to meet teaming client demands.

ii. Expansion of our growers farmers to various parts of North - West geopolitical zones.

iii. Increase is the community based seed production to various parts of North - West geopolitical zones.

iv. Standardization on seed production cleaning grading packaging and marketing of our mandate.

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