Sunflower Sub - Programme

    In an attempt to diversify the nation's sources of vegetable oil, IAR was given mandate for the genetic improvement of sunflower. The traditional source of vegetable oil in the savanna, groundnut was devastated by drought and is the 1970's yet to recover. Sunflower was introduced as a complementary oil source, although farmers are to come to grips with its potentials. Breeding work and selection in IAR has yielding some of four dividends with the release varieties of sunflower namely: SAMSUN 1 - Early Maturing, SAMSUN 2 - Medium Maturing, SAMSUN 3 - Late Maturing, SAMSUN 4 - Medium Maturing.

    Yield of over 1.5t/ha have been recorded on - station and efforts are being made to farmiliarize farmers with the crops. One of the major constrainst to sunflower adoption is the processing. Most farmers are yet to learn the processing techniques unlike groundnut which is familiar to farmers. The potential for sunflower production in Nigeria is high.



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